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Hi there! I'm

Beatrice Bonhomme.


I build programs as practical solutions to everyday tasks. Welcome to my portfolio!

About Me

After earning a bachelor's degree in Computer Science in 2021, my first trek into the professional technology world was as a Support Engineer working in the Mobile Device Management space. As I progressed from Intern to Tier 3, I gained perspectives on enterprise needs, the importance of delivering product value, and problem-solving within the Apple ecosystem.

In my latest role, I refined my communication skills and gained experience with interdepartmental collaboration, working daily with the Customer Success teams as well as the Product and Engineering teams through Agile squads. I also focused on documentation, writing articles for and managing Support team contributions to the company knowledge base, both internal and public-facing.

I'm now pursuing my original goal of participating in the tech space as a Software Engineer. Leaning on past experience, my current projects focus on building practical solutions to situations I've encountered as I work toward this goal.